My philosophy is simple — Connection, Celebration, & Documentation. I capture your candid chemistry, create cinematic editorial imagery, & document the tear-filled smiles, sweaty dance floors, and bring the energy to a room filled to the brim with the people you love most. 

Connection. celebration. documentation.

Because of my background as a fashion photographer, I’m well-versed in how to create those images that make you look like you could be on a Vogue magazine cover because I know how to instill confidence. Being a people person, I’ll get those candid, authentic moments of you two being your goofy selves because I’ll bring out your personality & make you feel comfortable. Being someone with a horrible memory, I treasure photographs and how they can make a temporary moment permanent. Being someone whose favorite thing to do is spend time with the people they love, I prioritize getting to know your people, preserving their sweet, "in between" moments that you don't notice, and joining them out on the dance floor & creating an energy that celebrates you all night long.
After all, photographs are really the only thing that capture who we are. Without them, our life is just summed up to the dash line between the day we were born & the day we pass. I search for those fleeting moments during your wedding day because I want you to look back and remember things how they were and how they felt — grandma bouncing her grandbaby on her lap, your parents beaming with pride, your fiancé’s tears when they read their vows, Uncle Steve tearing it up during the Cupid Shuffle, & every drink spilled by your college friends on your dance floor.

I’ve been described as wearing lots of different hats on your wedding day – dress fluffer, day-of coordinator, honorary member of your wedding party, sweat wiper (I’ve even used my own dress if we don’t have a towel!), hair fixer, drink fetcher, problem solver.. My goal is for you to have the best day of your life and not have to lift a finger!! Oh, and you can GUARANTEE that I will be out on your dance floor shaking some booty to get your dance floor BUMPIN’!!

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than taking pictures, it’s about bringing an energy that makes your day come alive & serving you so that you can focus on being with your people!! I aspire to create photos as lively, emotional, and inspiring as the incredible humans in them while putting your closest people at ease and feeling like a part of the family.

Client Testimonals

“Sarah absolutely exceeded our expectations in every possible way for our wedding day. During the planning process, she was extremely organized, had wonderful, clear communication and even helped me plan the flow of events. She will make you feel so confident heading into the day of! Then, on the day of, Sarah perfectly balances being completely professional but also loads of fun! She knows how to get you and your friends/family to feel comfortable and look great in photos. She was very directive in putting people where they needed to go and has a great method for taking great photos in great time. Sarah made me feel so beautiful and confident! Then after seeing a sneak peak into our photos I about lost it!! They were so incredibly beautiful and you can tell she takes such care into capturing the moments she does. I would recommend Sarah as a photographer to anybody and EVERYBODY.  Thank you so much for absolutely blowing it out for the water!!!”

- Kaitlyn and Michael