love the skin you're in

why boudoir?

I’m a boudoir photographer because I was tired of women not being comfortable in their own skin, celebrated for who they are, or empowered by what they (& their bodies!) accomplish.

Women were designed to be a life-giving presence everywhere they go both literally & figuratively!! Our bodies were designed with the ability to bring forth life. Our minds were designed for innovation. Our hearts were designed to love others fiercely. The passion we have can change the world AND we look pretty damn good while doing it!!! It’s such an incredible gift to be a woman & it’s about time we start celebrating womanhood & all that it brings - especially the things that the media doesn’t glamorize that tells the story of what your body can do for you -- stretch marks, cellulite, curves, rolls, wrinkles, etc.

Because guess what?! Those things are all signs that your body has been lived in and loved on. They’re signs of the time we have on earth to live in these bodies - which is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given. I love boudoir photography because women get to feel hot as hell with an experience that’s designed to give them the ultimate confidence & opportunity to see themselves as the powerful woman that other people know and love. I also believe that women deserve to have a “HOLY SH*T THAT’S ME??!!” moment when they see their photos because how often do we get to feel that way about ourselves??! NOT ENOUGH! 

boudoir is...

Every woman deserves a boudoir photography experience at least once in her life. My boudoir experience is first and foremost an EXPERIENCE. Sure the photographs are beautiful because I have a beautiful subject, but I believe that every woman deserves an experience where she’s celebrated and empowered for simply being herself.

I’ll bring drinks to make sure you're feeling fun! And I promise to bring endless hype and energy to make you feel beautiful, comfortable, confident, and free to be the real you!! I'll pose you, prompt you, get all your best angles!! All you have to do is show up, have a great attitude, & be down to have a good time!!

Bottom line, your comfort and confidence is my number one priority. I've been told that shooting with me feels like shooting with one of your best friends!! I'll make you laugh, give you tips, and hype you tf up girlfriend!! 
My goal is to have boudoir photography be one of the most celebratory and empowering experiences that you've ever had!! I want you to leave the studio on cloud nine saying "Damn!! I really did that sh*t!!" I'm a firm believer that booking a boudoir shoot is one of the greatest things a woman can do to celebrate her body and all that it's done for her!! Plus, we all deserve to feel like a bad b*tch!! 

The Ultimate “Treat Yo Self” Experience

Where body positivity meets “I’m the baddest b*tch on the block”.

Capturing every woman for the queen she is.

Loving The Skin You’re In Right Now. Not your body a year ago. Not your body once you finally have it at the weight you want. Not your body once you change x,y,and z. I’m talking for the body you’re currently in right now. I’m here for all the cellulite, butt dimples, stretch marks, skin rolls, & imperfections. Your body tells a story of who you are and where you’ve been. But most importantly, it houses “you”. 

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I’ve never done this before.. What should I expect?

+ A DAMN GOOD TIME!! Boudoir isn't naturally something that most women are comfortable with. Because let's be real, most of us don't pose in lingerie everyday unless we're a Victoria Secret model!! That being said, I do everything in my power to create an environment that's comfortable, encouraging, & FUN!!
+ Liquid courage!! It’s always Happy Hour 24/7 in the boudoir studio!!
+ Endless hype & energy!! You can count on me saying “DAYUM BADDIE!!!” about 50 times during your session.
+ Blasting the best THE REAL HOT GIRL SH*T PLAYLIST - Lizzo, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Meghan the Stallion... it’s FIRE!!!

I’ve been told that sessions with me feel like shooting with a best friend. I’ll pose you, position you, fix your hair, capture your best angles, and offer encouragement. I’ll do all the work! Just be you & ready to have THE BEST time!!

Do you photoshop women’s bodies?

NO. My boudoir philosophy is about celebrating your body for how it exists right now. I will fix what I call “today’s problems”, such as acne, bruises, blemishes, etc. I want you to see your final gallery and know that’s the real you!! EFF society’s unrealistic beauty standard of women and what they should look like!! Many people have abused Photoshop and its capabilities to do a lot of damage to women’s mental health and body image. I’ll pose you in a way that’s flattering to your shape, highlights your favorite areas, and shows off your gorgeous curves! But I do not Photoshop women’s bodies. I want you to see your images and know that they are 100% representative of you and your natural beauty. 

How much are your boudoir sessions?
how far in advance should I book?

My standard boudoir sessions are $1000. 
View more about pricing here!

My gallery delivery is 4-6 weeks. If you're a Bride to Be or wanting your photos back for a specific date like a birthday, anniversary, or milestone, I suggest doing your session around 3 months before the special day! That gives you enough time for your session and to order prints/albums for a gift!

Do I have to wear lingerie?! 

NOPE!! My definition of boudoir is an experience to make you feel empowered, an environment that makes you feel comfortable, & an outfit that makes you feel confident. My clients’ wardrobe choices fall all over the spectrum! -- lingerie set, cute panties and a shirt, leggings and a button down, athleisure wear, sexy casual outfit, comfy pajamas. The options are limitless!!

Do I have to be getting married or in a relationship to do it?

HECK NO!! Boudoir was made for every woman because it's a celebration of womanhood in every stage of life!! From young, old, married, single, pregnant, etc.. ALL queens are welcome here!! In our ever-changing bodies, my boudoir approach is focused around celebrating the skin you’re in right now! Though a boudoir album can make a great gift for your partner, I want you to do boudoir as a gift for YOU before anyone else babe!!! You deserve it!!

How will you protect my images? Can I keep my images private? Do my images have to be shared?

Yes of course!! It is never an expectation to give me permission to post your images anywhere. Many women shoot boudoir with me and do not want any images shared. Some women give me permission to post certain ones. Some women decline. No images are ever posted anywhere without your written permission.

All of my images are stored and delivered on password-protected hard drives and galleries. No one has access to it but myself. No one will see your images outside of me and you, unless you choose to share it with someone!

Do I have to know how to pose?

Nope! I expect that most women do not know how to pose for boudoir. I’ll angle you, position you, get all your best angles, and demonstrate exactly what I want you to do!! Before your session, we will talk all about the parts of your body that you’d like to highlight. I will highlight your favorite areas of your body and minimize the parts that you’re working on loving more. All I ask is that you show up & be ready to have (you guessed it!!) a damn good time!!!

Do you offer professional hair and makeup?

Yes! You can totally do your own makeup if you'd like. However, I also have boudoir photography packages with professional hair and makeup as an available add-on. I have some incredible professional hair & makeup artists that I work with to give you that dream glam look!! It’s such a confidence boost that makes you look and feel like an absolute baddie!! 10/10 recommend!! 

Are albums and prints included in my package?

Albums and prints are not included because I give my clients full usage and printing rights - meaning that I will deliver all of your images to you in your gallery and you can print them anywhere you'd like. Professional prints and albums are available through me after you receive your gallery if you choose to order them.

How do I book?

Fill out the contact form, tell me allllll about you and the gorgeous images you’d like me to create. I’ll be in touch with you in a few days & we can schedule a call to meet!! CAN’T FREAKING WAIT QUEEN!! 

Client Testimonals

“Sarah!! I’m truly speechless girl! I’ve never seen my body through this type of lens and I was honestly afraid of what I thought I was going to see. You captured me so perfectly and I’ve never loved my body more. The photos scream sexy/confident but still show my true personality. This all started out as a gift for my fiancé, but it has become a gift to myself. After looking at these pictures, I love my cellulite and my curves and I’m rocking this body!! All this newfound confidence is all thanks to you and your incredible skills!! Thank you for making me feel like the MOST confident bride throughout this vulnerable/new experience. I seriously couldn’t have chosen a better person to shoot these with. Thank you x 1,000,000!"

- Anna

“I’m so glad Sarah has started doing this type of photography! Doing a Boudoir shoot was something I always thought about, but would have never actually done if it weren’t for her. Sarah is the ULTIMATE hype girl. I’ve never felt so good in my own skin. She helps with outfit choices, poses you (poses with you!), and make sure everything highlights your own personality. Every women needs to do a shoot like this!”

- Sam

“The idea to do a boudoir shoot began as a gift for my soon-to-be husband on our wedding day. Sarah turned it into the best gift I have ever given myself. I have always struggled with body image and self-judgement, so I wasn’t sure how confident I would feel capturing everything. Within minutes of starting the shoot, Sarah’s vocal encouragement and effortless posing instructions completely erased any anxiety. I had SO much fun. Sarah is an incredible person and photographer, and I am absolutely in LOVE with my images. My fiancé has no idea what’s about to hit him."

- Riley

"Sarah surpassed my expectations as a photographer in every way imaginable! As someone who had previously never been in front of a camera I was super nervous about posing but all that worry was quickly washed away because she told me exactly what to do. Sarah is an expert at capturing you in the most flattering ways while also hyping you up and getting REAL images of REAL people. I’ve done two shoots already and I know where I’m going for any future photo needs. I am absolutely in love with my images and can’t describe how it feels to see myself this way. Thank you Sarah!"

- Natalie

"Sarah is AMAZING! I was so nervous going into the shoot because this was completely out of my comfort zone. She communicated with me beforehand so we were more familiar with each other as well as her being able to understand the vibe I wanted for my photos. When it got to the day, she made me feel super comfortable and hyped me up the whole time. If she needed to adjust my posing, she always made sure to get consent before ever touching me. She played super fun music and made sure I was having a great time! I felt so beautiful and confident and couldn’t believe that I was able to look like THAT! If you are considering doing a boudoir photoshoot I would HIGHLY recommend not only doing it, but booking with Sarah! She is so much fun and does an outstanding job!"

- Adriane

“Every woman should do a boudoir session at least once in their lives! I never could have imagined that I could love SO many pictures of myself, but Sarah captured so many stunning pictures. She’s the best hype-woman around and I will definitely be doing another session with her in the future because she’s a photographer I love and can trust!”

- Madi