the SMP Experience

Elevated Imagery of Everyday People

I capture what it means to be human. The human experience is so incredibly personal, fascinating, and multi-dimensional. I aspire to create photos that are just that. Being someone who has multiple passions, I don’t believe anything in life is “one size fits all”. I consider my work to be a documentation of the human experience & to capture you for all that you are — beautiful, talented, badass, loving, unique, goofy, fun, & a one-of-a-kind person. My focus is always on who you are, what you love, and of course, who you love.

I view every person that steps in front of my lens as unlike anyone that I’ve ever photographed before. I believe you deserve photographs that makes your jaw hit the floor and an experience that leaves you smiling ear to ear. Call me crazy, but I believe humans are just as beautiful as they are badass *mic drop* & I’m tired of boring images. 

When most people think of photography, I feel like they think of the smiling photos and big cheesy grins (You can tell your mom not to worry, we will get that shot for her to put on the fridge!!). Photos like these typically generate the “Aw, that’s a cute picture!!” response *keeps scrolling*.

When is the last time someone took a photo of you that literally stopped you in your tracks?! Or you audibly said, “Holy CRAP.. that’s me??!” It’s me — your new go-to gal here to make you look AND feel like a million bucks!! 

Unforgettable Experiences

There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone absolutely thriving in their element. From the environment, energy, styling, and personality, I want to create photographs that make your most authentic self absolutely SHINE. I believe professional photography should be one of the most life-giving experiences you could ever have. I’m a big believer that your experience is just as valuable as the photographs I create.

From the experience, to the gallery you receive, everything about the client experience here at SMP is customized to YOU. No two sets of portraits are alike. No posing routine that I run through with every couple I shoot. No wedding packages are “one size fits all”. The entire experience and work I create is individualized & customized, so that they represent the uniqueness in front of my lens. My end goal behind each gallery that I deliver is to capture every individual in a way that shows all the intangible, unique qualities and characteristics that so many people love them for. I prioritize making sure my clients feel comfortable, confident, & inspired throughout my interactions with them. The only way I can do this is through intentionality and connection. Long story short, YOU MATTER MY FRIEND!! 

Professional photos should be all about having a damn good time!! From start to finish, I promise to have your back. I’ve been told that shooting with me is like shooting with a best friend. Let’s be real, your best friend doesn’t just hype you up. THEY HAVE YOUR BACK!! I pride myself in being an honest communicator, a compassionate friend, and an encouraging supporter. I work with each of you like I’d work with my bestie (and I mean that!!). Best friends don’t just hype you up, they give you pointers, they listen to what you want, they tell you when you have something in your teeth, & they would never let you look bad! My easy-going demeanor, fun-loving personality, & goofy energy will make even the most camera-shy person come alive. My job is to give pointers when necessary and endless encouragement to make you look and feel like… you guessed it! A MILLION BUCKS. All I ask is that you are unapologetically yourself, show up, and be down to have a damn good time!! I’ll take care of the rest!

I do this because I love it...not because I have to as a full-time career. I will never be a full-time photographer. I love photography & physical therapy too much to ever choose. If I was a full-time photographer, I would lose my ability to be intentional with my creativity and deeply invest in my clients to capture them authentically.

Here at SMP, you’re not a number. You’re not a quota. I don’t have to book X amount of clients to make X amount of money. I do this because I truly love it. My work and client experience embodies that – waking up everyday and getting to do what I love. Capturing you & your story is the greatest gift. 


Highly Relational
Down to earth mixed with a side of edgy
Someone who loves to think out of the box

If that describes you, then you are SO my type of vibe!!