WHADDUP!! I’m Sarah McLimore – the owner & lead photographer here at Sarah McLimore Photography! 

My life passion is to celebrate people for being exactly who they were created to be. I have a goofy, easy-going, fun-loving personality. I’m the definition of a “bruh girl”. I pride myself in being intentional with my relationships with others. My fatal flaws include eating ice cream straight out of the container, not being a morning person, shaking my booty around my apartment to one of my playlists, & sending a ridiculous amount of funny TikTok videos to my besties at 3 am. When I asked my best friends to come up with a fun fact for this page, they said “You can perform both Nelly Furtado and Timbaland’s roles in Promiscuous.".. honestly, what more do you need to know??! 

I moved to the Chicagoland area about two years ago!! I’m originally from Indy & moved here to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy at Northwestern!! Catch Dr. McLimore comin' atcha live in 2024!! Some think I’m crazy for pursuing two full-time careers, but these seemingly different occupations both give me an opportunity to build lasting relationships with others & make them feel seen and celebrated for who they are. Physical therapy allows me to help people reach their goals. Photography allows me to celebrate people. Being a physical therapist makes me a better photographer and vice versa. Nothing makes me more fulfilled than celebrating others & helping them reach their potential. Being someone’s cheerleader and friend along the way is exactly what God created me to do. 

I wake up everyday and truly love what I do. I consider myself so incredibly blessed to be living out my dream & that I get the opportunity to become good friends with so many incredible clients like YOU!! 
You can count on me to be your go-to-gal that minimizes stress, keeps you focused on enjoying your day, & gets your dance floor BUMPIN’!!! 

fun facts

Favorite Movie

Bridesmaids or Remember the Titans

Love Language

Quality Time & Words of Affirmation

Favorite Food

Ice cream.. Seriously.. I could eat it for every meal! My favorite dessert is anything served à la mode. 

Drink of Choice

I’m a tequila girl through and through.. It represents my personality -  strong, bold, & knows how to get the party started! You can count on me to get you to dance all night!


I went to Indiana Wesleyan University. I received my B.S. in Exercise Science and received minors in both Spanish and Photography! I also played college basketball there.

Favorite Music

All of the above! The way to my heart is a bomb Spotify playlist. I have over 65 that I’ve created lol - can’t stop, won’t stop!! I love live music! You can always catch me looking up concerts to go to for my favorite artists! 

Favorite TV Show

Grey’s Anatomy

favorite animal

I LOVE all doggos, but Labs and Goldens have a special place in my heart! Counting down the days until I graduate PT school so I can get a dog of my own!! If you have a pup, I sure hope they come to our Zoom meetings.. Bonus points if you bring them to your session!!! 


Aprendí español en mi universidad y quería ser una terapista bilingüe. I studied Spanish in college and lived in the DR for an internship with GO Ministries - a Christian organization that redeems, renews, and restores communities. ! I’m so passionate about non-profit work. I left a part of my heart in the DR & I’m already planning my next trip to go back. In the meantime, I strive to be a bilingual PT that promotes diversity & inclusion in the clinic.